The Phylaxis Society is a Masonic research organization. Its membership application reads in part that it is, "an international organization of Prince Hall Freemasons who seek light and have light to impart". The Society provides a universal center and bond of union for Prince Hall Freemasons everywhere who desire to pursue the study of Masonry. The Society emphasizes that it will in no way interfere with the legislative and ritualistic affairs of any Masonic body. While membership is limited to Prince Hall Freemasons, "regular" Freemasons are welcomed as subscribers, and play an interesting role in working with the Society.

The Society adopted its name from a Greek term interpreted to mean "to preserve and safeguard." The founding members of the Society came together in 1973 to bring to Universal Freemasonry an awareness of the order founded by an American named Prince Hall back in 1776. In the beginning, the Society emulated to some degree the fifty year old Philalethes Society, adopting its basic organizational structure and using it as a role model.

The Society's officers are widely scattered around the country. It publishes quarterly a magazine, "The Phylaxis", and a Phylaxis Newsletter. Its symbol is the square and compass surrounding the number "15", resting on an open book, over the lamp of knowledge. The number "15" has dual significance, representing both the number of Blacks, including Prince Hall, who became the first of their race to become initiated into Freemasonry, and it represents the number of "actual" Fellows authorized by the Society.

Fellows earn this title by writing a thesis called a "masterpiece" on some aspect of Prince Hall Freemasonry, publishing it in the Society's magazine, and receiving a Certificate of Fellow. The Society also awards Honorary Fellow status on those who have made outstanding contributions to Prince Hall Freemasonry and the Society. The award is open to "regular" Freemasons and anyone else for works on the Prince Hall Fraternity.

The Society meets annually at different locations around the country. Each meeting includes tours of various Masonic institutions in the area, a workshop/seminar hosted by the Society, and the induction of those who have made worthwhile contributions to Prince Hall Freemasonry into the Phylaxis Hall of Fame.

In addition, there is the Phyllis Chapter of the Phylaxis Society. It is an international Society of Eastern Stars, with Prince Hall Affiliation, in pursuit of study therein. It too provides a universal center and bond of union of Prince Hall Eastern Stars, without interfering directly or indirectly with the Legislative or Ritualistic Affairs of any Order of the Eastern Star body. Their official publication is "The Phyllis Magazine".

Any qualified Prince Hall Master Mason may become a member of the Phylaxis Society and thus may participate in all the Society's activities. He must be a member in good standing of a regularly constituted Prince Hall Masonic Lodge.

Persons or organizations who are otherwise ineligible to become members, but who desire to receive the material published by the Society may become Subscribers.

For applications contact: William Green, F.P.S.; Financial Secretary, P.O. Box 42005, Tacoma, WA 98442. (Note: The application requires the signature of a member).

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