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What is Prince Hall Masonry?

I have heard this question asked time and time again. So I am going to try my best to answer it. Prince Hall Masonry is like any other Masonry, except it was founded by Prince Hall.

It is world wide, has been in existence for over two hundred years and is practiced by Masonic Lodges operating under the authority of Grand Lodges, most of whom identify themselves as Free and Accepted Masons and have "Prince Hall" in their title, although there are exceptions.

Membership requirements to join Prince Hall Masonic Lodges are the same as those required to join most any Masonic Lodge. No exceptions are made because of Race, Creed, Color or National Origin. Although predominantly African American, resulting from its growth in America during times of slavery, it's membership is comprised of people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

It is governed by subordinate and jurisdictional leadership as others are and has appendant bodies. Historically some Grand Lodges have not recognized Prince Hall Masonry although facts disclose it is as legitimate as any Masonic Organization. It was initially chartered through the Grand Lodge of England and recently the United Grand Lodge of England extended formal recognition to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Connecticut.

Currently there are over twenty Prince Hall and Non Prince Hall Grand Lodges in the United States that have Mutual Recognition Agreements. These agreements allow each group to retain its sovereignty and remain autonomous within its jurisdiction while also allowing the members of each organization to attend each others lodge and grand lodge meetings and jointly conduct public events such as cornerstones and building dedications.

The above statement is the opinion soley of the author, Gregory Hunt , Past Master, Harvey Chisom Lodge #93, M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge, California and Hawaii Jurisdiction. Comments can be sent to Gregory Hunt

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